Top Tips when selling your home

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to sell your home.  You need to get a value that matches your ambitions, check the current market and a lot more.  Here are some top tips to get you thinking.

Check out our little nuggets of advice below;

The Market

News sources, government policies, price indexes, a flat market, all these factors can get your head in a spin.  Sometimes the more you read and research the more you feel you will never sell.  Though it is recommended to take notice of these things, they can also be contradictory as they all rely on different data.

The thing to remember is all information is based on averages and your home will have many factors that might make it above average, for example, the area, the pocket of that area, the street and, in some cases, even which end or side of the street the home is on.

Don’t be to put off by this information overload and get at least three different valuations so you can come to an average yourself.


The right estate agent

Selling the home you currently live in that has memories hidden in every wall, window or garden can be an emotional and stressful business.

You need the right estate agent to not only represent you and your home for sale but to be up to date in their marketing and selling techniques.  You need value for money and an estate agent with a good history.  These days you can check reviews online and it doesn’t hurt to ask the estate agent for any testimonials from previous people who have sold through them.

Its key to remember if you list your property with more than one estate agent you may have to pay various fee’s no matter which one is successful.  Always read the terms and conditions or get a legal professional to assist with these type of documents.


Maximise the curb appeal

Buyers are seeking the wow factor even before they are even on your driveway.  Make sure you do everything to make sure your home is impressive before they potential buyer even steps foot inside.

You can do this with some simple touches like making sure the front gate has a new paint job, the grass is freshly cut or driveway is clean and clutter-free.  Maybe plant some flowers and maybe add a lick of paint to the front door.

Move your bins out of view and maybe tidy that dogs mess, if you have a dog.


Inside your home

The buyer has been knocked over by how good the outside of your house looks so let continue the theme.  Make sure you have cleaned top to bottom and any non-essential clutter has been removed.  You want to create a homely feel but also want the buyer to see the potential for there own vision of a home.

Its good idea to have flowers to create a nice atmosphere.  Mirrors can create a feeling of more space.  Make sure your kitchen is clean and fresh as this is always a huge selling point in home buying.  Make sure there is as much light as possible filling every room.

If you have pets, get them looked after.  Could you imagine if the buyer is scared of dogs for example or even worse has an allergy to them, that would be the sale over before it’s started.


All the little things

Before getting your first viewing make sure you have left no stone unturned.  Its great to make a checklist of every little thing you need to do before a viewing.  Try and think from the buyer’s point of view, they are potentially going to live in this home for the next 25 years or more, don’t let them be put off by something silly like that stain from the red wine you spilled at dinner last month.


What is each room for?

A buyer needs to be able to picture your home as their own so it is essential to make sure each room has its defined purpose.  If you converted the spare room into your mini gym then move the gym stuff out and let your buyer imagine inviting guests to stay over in their new spare room.

It is important to let the buyer visualise as much as possible themselves living in this home so try to de-personalize wherever you can.


The outdoor space

This is a massive part of any property.  The garden is where most people enjoy social gathering, playing with the kids or relaxing after work.  Make sure the outside areas are clear and inviting.  Let the buyer imagine all the good time they will have in those spaces.


Don’t be the suspicious security guard

There is nothing worse when viewing a house if the current homeowners are following potential buyers round like a suspicious security guard.  Let the buyers wonder around with the estate agent, you have employed the estate agent to sell your house so let them do their job.

The buyer needs to feel comfortable to spend as much or as little time as they need to view the house they might buy.  Also be ready to answer any questions they have after the viewing and remember to not take any questions personally, think of your home as their potential home and not intruders who don’t appreciate the time you have spent here, because in most cases they don’t care, they care about their future, not your past.


Choosing the best buyer

Hopefully, you have received a number of offers, the next thing to do is chose the right buyer.  Buyers that have already owned a home or chain free first-time buyers are likely to be a safer bet.  Cash buyers are also easier to deal with as they will not have the concerns of a mortgage slowing the process.  Over factors will need to be considered like if you need to buy a new home yourself or you are looking to rent while you look.

Many thanks and if you have any questions feel more than free to contact me HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the end, Nick



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